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Jessie Set to Release Fifth Original Album, "Yellow Roses" 
Coming Fall 2023

Featuring generational stories of rural living and rootsy instrumentation from some of Nashville's best session players, Jessie's new album, "Yellow Roses" is as rugged and real as she gets. Recorded in the historical OmniSound studios on music row in Nashville, Jessie and her team pulled out all the stops to breathe life into music that celebrates and tells the sometimes unsung stories of rural, middle America. Set to release fall 2023, watch for teasers, singles, music videos, tour dates and more!

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As a supplement to her weekly column, Jessie reflects on rural living, its characters, heartbreaks, triumphs, absurdity and what it means to live and love in the middle of nowhere, which to Jessie, is the middle of everything.

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